Jan Bas - vocals + guitar

Fabio Canini - guitar

Bas Soetens - bass guitar

Cesar Zuiderwijk - drums

Mario Goossens - drums

SLOPER was formed in 2018 by two infamous drummers from the Low Countries; Triggerfinger’s Mario Goossens and Golden Earring’s Cesar Zuiderwijk.

They hooked up at a moment when both men’s respective “main” acts decided to take a sabattical break from long and intense touring.

Drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk joined Golden Earring in 1970 - and toured the world after scoring a world hit with “Radar Love”. Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris outed himself as the former president of the British Golden Earring fanclub in the Seventies when both men met backstage at Belgium’s Graspop festival.

Cesar likes to talk of himself as “I’m a drummer so I can’ play out of tune. I love that freedom while playing with Sloper”.

Colleague-drummer Mario Goossens is one of the founding members of Triggerfinger, a three-piece that has toured clubs & rockfestivals on the European continent for over 20 years now.

Even before the two men met, there was a humongous mutual respect. They’d run into each other before and decided to finally ‘do something together’, so they recruited British vocalist Peter Shoulder (Winterville, The Union and Silverthorne) and guitarist Fabio Canini (BE) to form this musical deconstruction company together called SLOPER

The foursome immediately set to work on a gritty classic rock sound, which stands out from the crowd thanks to the unique combination of two drums . Classic stuff with a modern, irresistible sound. That was just about the mood for the uncomplicated first album.

Meanwhile, the band toured intensively, but at the end of the campaign, intense travel became too much for Newcastle born and bred Peter, who decided to focus on other stuff and left the band.
End of 2023, the band embraced two new members to replace Peter: welcome Jan Bas on vocals/guitar and Bas Soetens on bass are now part of the new SLOPER.


Debut album 'Pulverise' was released in August 2021 by Suburban Recordings, an indie-label in the Hague, Netherlands.

Early 2024, the band signed a new contract with Warner Music. A first single in February. A second studio album release is planned for September 2024.

The music for the new album has been more produced than the straightforward classic rock on Sloper’s debut.

Expect to hear a wider variety of influences from the 80s, 90s, even Northern Soul.

pics by Christophe Brysse